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We are the only school that has opened our campus to the world. Thousands of people, students and non students, access our intranet daily to watch videos, tutorials, conferences, demos, perform missions and in general to interact with other students and professionals in the field. A whole virtual world is waiting for you with infinite possibilities.

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GAIN ACCESS TO OUR exclusive professional employment program

Thanks to the collaboration with different employment agencies, UA SCHOOL has the most advanced job market in the field. Our main objective is to advise and guide our students towards success.

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The Studio Production
End your training with successful project

Take advantage of our 9-month acceleration program, which offers advice and training necessary for the development of all types of entrepreneurial projects.


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New free course

Concept Art

In this course you will learn some of the professional techniques that every concept-artist needs to know to work in the entertainment, film, and video game industries. You will have dozens of hours of videos and tasks that will guide you through the process of designing any scene or character with Photoshop.

New free course

Modeling with Zbrush

In this training you will find dozens of videos through which we will guide you step by step in the process of creating a 3D character. To do this we will introduce you to the exciting world of ZBrush, the most used software by large studios to design and model characters and settings. Learn from the best teachers who work professionally in the film and video game industry.

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The VFX software of the future, for film and videogames

Houdini Core combines superior performance and outstanding ease of use to deliver a powerful and accessible 3D animation experience for CG artists creating movies, commercials, or video games. With its procedural node-based workflow, Houdini Core enables you to create content faster to reduce timelines and enjoy improved flexibility in all your creative tasks.

New free course

Walk Cycle Animation with Maya

3D character animation

This free course aims to create a walking humanoid in Maya 3D animation software. We will see the workflow to follow in this type of animation: the locomotives of the character. We will look at the weights and how to compensate them on a biped. Do not hesitate to take this course if you like animation.

New free course

Creating Games with unreal

In this training you will find dozens of videos through which we will guide you step by step in the process of creating your complete Video Game. You will also have access to all the material to build and design it. It is aimed at both professionals in the field and people who want to build a career in the field of Videogames.


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More than 20 years being leaders in training in Spain. More than 20 years providing quality training with professionals in the field. Today UA SCHOOL makes a change to offer the same to the whole world. The best professionals in the field with the definitive online platform. Study, play and participate as a true PRO.

For years all of our students have enjoyed our platform for face-to-face or online training. Now UA School opens it's doors to the world to enjoy free courses, games, conferences and a host of possibilities that make our platform the best VIRTUAL CAMPUS and above all, the most fun.

Create your avatar

Choose from thousands of combinations to create your own avatar on our platform. Your avatar will be your identity and will serve as your presentation. Unlock clothes and different costumes to be the envy of your friends.

Customize your room

At all times you can meet your friends in your own room, which you can decorate to your liking with hundreds of objects. You will have a decoration shop where you can buy or exchange points.

Professional education

We have over 20 years being leaders in online and face-to-face training. You will enjoy all our training offers in a way never seen before. Videos, tasks, forums, online tutorials, all within your reach.

Level up

Our campus is a gamified virtual world where RPG elements (role playing game) are mixed with an endless number of distance learning tools. Level up and enjoy new articles and daily quests.

Chat with your classmates

You will meet hundreds of users with whom you will share services, businesses and training. Make meetings with people in your field and find friends and professionals to help you in your future career.

Conferences and webinars

You will have free access to the best webinars in the field. In our platform you will find webinars about film, videogames, 3d ... attend these events live or view them whenever you want.

Exercises and homework

The only way to learn is by striving. Each week you will have to perform tasks that will allow you to increase your score and your level as a student and platform user. Do your homework and upload them directly on campus.

videos in HD

Enjoy the best online training thanks to the FULLHD videos recorded professionally by our teachers. Each week you will have new videos and tasks that you can enjoy as if you were in the classroom.

Missions and quests

Apart from our courses and demos you will find endless things to do. From watering your plants to carrying out cooperative missions. Enjoy daily tasks and missions that will not only be fun, but will help you earn points and experience.

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We are a dynamic and multicultural team of professionals, willing to offer a specialized, high quality service to students and graduates. Our mission is to offer our students the key to their success in a competitive, demanding and innovative industry.


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We are proud to be among the few schools in the WORLD TOP OF ANIMATION SCHOOLS ranking according ANIMATION CAREER REVIEW, an American organization that is responsible for reviewing and promoting the best schools in the world. This year we have been awarded the honor of being THE BEST ANIMATION SCHOOL in Spain.


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