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There are many ways to get points and credits in our campus. Just by registering you automatically earn a lot of points.
But there are other ways to get them:

Here you will find the events we have done in this room and some videos related to the webinars and master classes that we teach in the school.
This is the main part of the course, where you can watch all the videos, divided per weeks that the course, master or career lasts. Each week you can access a new module for the duration of your training cycle.

You can also assess your weekly satisfaction level within each week. We recommend that you use this tool when you have a problem with the training or the teacher.
This is a chat between students, ephemeral as life itself, use it for short questions and quick messages. In this list only the chats of the day will come out, use it as it suits you.
Each course has at least one weekly task and in this module you can review all the pending tasks as well as the tasks performed. Try to have your tasks up to date, is the most important part of the course , if you do not perform your tasks you will not progress properly.

Remember that the tasks have expiration date , you will have approximately one week to complete your task. If during that week you have not uploaded your homework, you will not be able to upload it to the following week and it will not be scored or you will be given a 0. Before uploading your homework, pack it in ZIP format. In this way you can attach any type of file and text notes. The teacher will download your homework and the note will arrive via email. For more information consult with your teacher or leave your question in the FORUM.

NOTICE: You can only upload one file per task , that is, it gathers all the files in one ZIP. If you upload another file, it will replace the previous one. Once scored you will not be able to upload any other file.
Here are general files related to the course. Software, plugins, models, textures and in general all downloads useful for the realization of it.
Use the forum for simple or not so simple questions. Remember that tutorials and talks with the teacher are only available in the "with support" mode and they are not every day. We recommend using the forum for those less complex questions. The teacher or even the students themselves can answer all your questions.
Each student has their own wall, use it to communicate with other students or to tell your experience on our platform. Right now it is in Beta, soon you can upload images or videos from YouTube.
Fill in your information and customize your avatar, create your own personality within our platform so that other students can collaborate and recognize you better.
Well, only that, a list of tips.
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The important thing is to participate!


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